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*Our selection of sofa models can also be custom made into "SAGUARD"sofa beds.

*Some minor cosmetic changes may apply.


Skyways have revolutionised the traditional sofa bed by designing an "Anti Sag" system "SAGUARD" which provides superior comfort to the user as a bed and sofa.

Why traditional sofa beds sag and lose their shape

There was a time when traditional sofa beds couldn't be made as comfortable as a traditional sofa.  This was due to the bed mechanism taking  up the additional room where the  sofa cushion support was  fitted.  After a short period of use, a sagging dip in the centre of the sofa would form.  The sofa bed became  unsightly and extremely uncomfortable for sitting and sleeping.   Thanks to Saguard, these issues are no longer.

What is Saguard?

  • Saguard is a "slide in" protector board engineered with hi-tek rubber cushioning and spring board.
  • Saguard keeps sofa beds comfortable and looking new due to its anti-sag properties.
  • Saguard isolates the bed mechanism below the seat cushions taking the weight from our bodies.


The result,  zero body weight pressure is placed on the underneath bed mechanism.


  • Saguard is extremely light and easy to slide in and out with easy under sofa storage.
  • All Skyways sofa beds come equipped with Saguard.
  • Saguard is a patented system exclusive to Skyways.


Each Saguard Sofa is also

Equipped with an exclusive Italian Slat Mechanism

Long lasting high density mattress

Exclusively designed and manufactured  high density mattress that easily folds into a bed mechanism without any future decompression or springs that pop out.  We do not recommend the use of innerspring mattress for sofa beds.






All our sofas beds:

  • are made and designed by Skyways in Melbourne.
  • are made using the highest grade timber.
  • are made using the highest grade locally sourced memory foam and feather cushioning.
  • are made using traditional highest quality upholstery methods.
  • are built with the utmost attention to detail.


Features of Posture Slat Saguard

This brilliant European made sofa bed mechanism is one of the best in the world

 Designed and manufactured in Italy with the highest quality steel and timber slats.  The uniquely engineered timber slats provide the user with an amazingly comfortable night's sleep, comparable to a real bed.  The posture slat bed has heavy duty construction designed for daily use.  Commonly seen overseas in European homes as the main source of bedding due to tight space apartment living.


The posture slat bed has no painful bars that dig into your back.  There is no dip in the centre when two people sleep on it and no sag in sofa when used for sitting.


All the common shortfalls of other regular sofa beds have been addressed.


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